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Tan-through Caldera Top | Black
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Tan-through Caldera Top | Black

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The Caldera Top


The Caldera top is perfect for an all-day beach day. It can be worn wrapped around your neck or tied in the back or front, giving you endless options of styling. 


Designed to flatter all shapes and sizes. Especially perfect for small chests as it can have a push-up effect when tied. Unlined. 



Swimwear For Amazing Tan Without Harsh Tan Lines

Minimise & prevent harsh tan lines

Dries 7x faster than regular swimwear

Maximise Vitamin D intake

Highest quality fabric for ultimate softness

Flattering on all shapes

Ethically manufactured

BetterTan is designed from uniquely developed fabric that allows sunlight to pass through the micro perforations in the fabric layers resulting in even and golden tan.

Our bikinis are made with all women in mind to be flattering, elegant, lightweight and breathable, as well as versatile. With over 1 year of development, we are confident that BetterTan will fit and feel perfect on whoever wears them!

BetterTan bikinis dry up to 7 times faster than regular swimwear. This means that you no longer have to stay in wet bikini, which is great for preventing UTIs - a huge pain. They are unlined but not see-though when placed on the skin.

Before & After


How It Works?

Our advanced “microtan” technology means that the sun rays can pass through the thousands of micro holes of the fabric onto your skin, thus minimising and preventing harsh tan lines, resulting in an all-around, golden tan. We have created the perfect balance to ensure that enough light passes through the micro perforations of the fabric whilst ensuring good coverage. 


Tan-through Caldera Top | Black
Regular price $54.99 $49.49
Unit price