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Check out our tan-through swimwear!

About us

We created swimwear with all women in mind, to flatter and empower. The BetterTan fabric is incredible as it allows sunlight to pass through the micro perforations in the fabric layers resulting in even and golden tan. You can now forget about tan lines and how bad they can get in hot summer days. BetterTan is a confidence booster but it also maximizes the exposure of your body to Vitamin D. Vitamin D is crucial for your health, including your bones and teeth. Getting in that extra vitamin is a game changer, trust us.

Not to mention, BetterTan bikinis dry up to 7 times faster than regular swimwear. This means that you no longer have to stay in wet bikini, which is great for preventing UTIs - a huge pain.

BetterTan has been thoughtfully developed for over a year to be comfortable and chic, yet durable and extremely soft. The thousands of micro perforations in our “microtan” fabric ensure that it is breathable and perfect for all-day wear.

We are confident that BetterTan will fit and feel perfect on whoever wears them! Our first drop is inspired by the beauty of the Greek Sporades and its crystal clear waters. 

We can’t wait for you to experience BetterTan and change your tan forever!