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Check out our tan-through swimwear!

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Minimise & prevent tan lines 
Dries up to 7 times faster than regular swimwear
Highest quality fabric for ultimate softness
Flattering on all shapes
Maximise Vitamin D intake
Ethically manufactured 
BetterTan is not just regular swimwear
BetterTan is designed from uniquely developed "microtan" fabric that allows sunlight to pass through its layers. This leaves you with amazing, even tan!

Because of the advanced knitting technology, our bikinis are able to dry up to 7x times quicker than regular swimsuits. This makes them very comfortable for all-day wear, as well as reduces the risk of UTIs. They are unlined but not see-though when placed on the skin.

In Real Life

Our Tan-through Collection

Tan-through Kastani Top | Black


Tan-through Antigua Bottom | Black


Tan-through Cayman Bottom | Black


Tan-through Barbados Top | Black


Tan-through Milos Top | Black


Tan-through Belize One Piece | Black


Tan-through Aruba Bottom | Black


Tan-through Aruba Bottom | Ocean Bliss