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Care Guide

BetterTan swimwear are carefully crafted with love. Each piece from our collections is being made with care for our customers.  Our swimwear is made out of high-quality fabrics which guarantee long life for your swimwear. Here are some care tips you need to follow in order to keep your bathing suit beach ready for many years to come:

TIP #1

Wash your suit prior to your first wear and as soon as possible after wearing. You can ideally place it in a cloth bag and wash in the washing machine on a gentle hand wash cycle with cold to lukewarm water.

TIP #2

To dry, squeeze off excess water. Lay your suit flat to dry in the shade on a towel and use caution to never ring out the fabric or hang it, which could cause stretching and wear to the delicate fabric. 

TIP #3

Make sure your suit is completely dry before putting away.

TIP #4

Sun cream, tanning cream, chlorine, and hot tubs, can cause extreme damage and discolor suits, so we recommend to be cautious of wearing your suit or getting your suit in contact with these substances. In addition, any rough surface can cause pulling and snagging of the delicate fabric.

TIP #5

Store the swimming costume in the storage bag which comes along with it, in order to keep its longevity.